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Pressure Gas Sintering Furnace

Pressure Gas Sintering Furnace
The pressure gas sintering furnace is commonly used for vacuum sintering and pressure sintering of Sic, Si3N4 and other ceramic parts.

Technical features 
1. This horizontal sintering furnace adopts the special structure of thermal areas and the design of heating elements for good uniformity of temperature. 
2. Uses a specially designed dewatering muffle that provides excellent sealing performance and a fully removable binder, without contaminating the components inside.  K
3. This gas pressure sintering furnace has the functions of low vacuum, vacuum pre sintered, lower negative pressure deagglomerate, TOWAC deagglomerate and lower positive pressure deagglomerate.
4. Uses advanced refractory materials and structure for guaranteed insulation. 
5. This horizontal sintering furnace is designed with touch screen and PLC control system for better operation.
6. Safety is guaranteed thanks to alarms that are triggered by excessively high temperatures or pressure, automatic mechanical pressure protection and switches.  K
7. The  K gas pressure sintering furnace has the functions of remote control, fault diagnosis and program update.

Optional Horizontal Sintering Furnace Configuration. K
1. Oven door: automatic closing with tensioning ring.
2. Furnace heat area: all hard carbon felt components / hard felt carbon components + CFC
3. Heating materials:  Graphic isostatic graphite / graphite pressed of purity, strength and density  K / KFC
4. Gas control process: high pressure valve; Manual valve / automatic valve;   Foreign brand / Chinese brand K
5. Vacuum pumps and pressure gauges: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
6. PLC: OMRON / Siemens. 
7. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
8. Thermocouple: Type C (tungsten wrapping / molybdenum wrap / ceramic wrapping)
9. Recorder: recorder without paper / recorder with paper, foreign brand / Chinese brand.
10. Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.
11. Cargo vehicles: hydraulic forklift / forklift.

Specifications of Pressure Gas Sintering Furnace 
Spec / ModelPSF-323212PSF-050513PSF-050518
Working area dimensions (W × H × L) (mm)Φ320  × 320 × 1200Φ500  × 500 × 1300Φ500  × 500 × 1800
Maximum temperature (° C)180018001800
Uniform vacuum temperature (Cº)± 5± 5± 5
Uniform temperature under pressure (° C)± 7.5± 10± 10
Final Void (Pa)222
Pressure increase range.0.670.670.67
Working pressure (bar)20/60/10020/60/10020/60/100
Process gasAr / N2Ar / N2Ar / N2
The above parameters can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and do not have to be accepted as standard. The details and specifications required will be recorded in the technical proposal and the contracts.
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