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Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace

Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace
The continuous graphite purification furnace is used for purification of graphitization continuous high temperature graphite powder, which can also complete the combination of purification with the high temperature method of chemical method.

Technical characteristics
1. Continuous loading and unloading at high temperatures reduces energy consumption and decreases the production cycle.
2. The oven is designed with electric resistance or induction heat. The maximum temperature that can reach is of more than 3000ºC.
3. Both high temperature and chemical method can be used to meet high purity treatment requirements.
4. The furnace uses the high efficiency filter system, which filters the dust and corrosive gases that come from the purification process. K

Optional Graphite Continuous Purification Furnace Configuration
1. Lower furnace tanks: all carbon steel / stainless steel inner lining / all stainless steel.
2.Method of heating: electric resistance / heat by induction
3. Vacuum pumps and manometers: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
4.HMI: simulation screen / touch screen / personal industrial computer.
5.PLC: OMRON / Siemens.
6.Controller of temperature: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
7. Infrared meter: One color / two colors, CHINO / Raytek.
8.Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.

Specifications Of Graphite Continuous Purification Furnace
Spec / ModelCGP-10
Production capacity  (kg / h)50 ~ 120
Maximum temperature (° C)3000
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