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Sintering Furnace Sic & Si3N4

Sintering Furnace Sic & Si3N4
The horizontal sintering furnace is mainly used for reactive sintering, low pressure sintering, sintering recrystallization, sintering HIP of Sic ceramic products and can also be applied to the sintering of Si3N4a and other ceramic pieces. K

Technical characteristics
1. The oven uses the electric resistance heater with temperature compensation or multiple control zones, thus ensuring a higher temperature uniformity. 
2. The only ACME super high temperature in its condition and high current power technology makes the equipment stable for a long time at 2400 ° C. 
3. The unique special design of high-temperature infrared measurement technology is adopted together with precise temperature control and closing error. K
4. Installed with special sealing muffle to minimize silicon vapor and contamination of materials by passage to the heating compound and thermal insulation material. K
5. The kiln uses the special waste gas treatment device, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. 
6. The sintering furnace has the shutdown system to complete the processes of deagglomeration and sintering in a furnace in one go. 

Optional Horizontal Sintering Furnace Configuration
1. Oven door: manual closing / automatic closing of tensioning ring. Manual lock / automatic lock with locking collar. 
2. Oven vessel: All carbon steel / Stainless steel inner layer / Completely stainless steel. 
3. Hot zone: Light carbon felt / graphite / hard compound /CFC. 
4. Heating compound and muffle: Pressed isostatic graphite / High press purity, higher strength graphite and fine-grained density / graphite. K
5. Vacuum pump and caliber: Foreign brand / Chinese brand. 
6. PLC (Programmable Logic Control): OMRON / Siemens. 
7. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM. 
8. Thermocouple: Type C, S, K, N. 
9. Infrared Meter: Single / Double Color, CHINO / Raytek. 
10. Recorder: No paper / with paper, foreign / Chinese mark. 
11. HMI: Simulation / Touch Screen / Personal Industrial Computer. K
12. Electronic components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens. 
13. Loading truck: roller type / fork type / long bent driving type. 

Horizontal Sintering Furnace Specifications
Spec / ModelSICS-040406SICS-060609SICS-080812SICS-101015SICS-121225SICS-151530
Working area dimensions (W × H × L) (mm)400 × 400 × 600600 × 600 × 900800 × 800 × 12001000 × 1000 × 15001200 × 1200 × 25001500 × 1500 × 3000
Maximum temperature (° C)240024002400240024002400
Uniform temperature (Cº)± 5± 5± 7.5± 7.5± 10± 10
Final vacuum (Pa)fiftyfiftyfiftyfiftyfiftyfifty
Pressure increase range (Pa / h)0.670.670.670.670.670.67
Work Area Dimensions4000/5000 (non-standard part)
The above parameters can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and do not have to be accepted as standard. The details and specifications required will be recorded in the technical proposal and the contracts.
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