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Sintering Furnace Mesh Tape

Sintering Furnace Mesh Tape
El sintering furnace mesh belt is mainly used for high temperature sintering of ferrous powder metallurgy and copper pieces, such as oil-bearing, gear, clutch plates, collar, sleeve, etc.

Technical characteristics
1.El oven is configured with removable binder system RBO fast as requiere.
2.Se uses the thermal element type module, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement without the need for detection horno.
2. All refractory fiber structure ensures faster heating rate and low consumption energía.
3. The sintering furnace used suspended ceiling structure, which is convenient for maintenance and for replacement of the muffle.
4. Is available rapid cooling system which is mainly for hardening of materials ferrosos.
5. It has operating functions to remote control, remote diagnostics and remote malfunction update functions programa.

Optional configurations Sintering Furnace Mesh Tape
1. refractory material: aluminum silicate fiber / fiber felt cerámica.
2. Material of heating: 0Cr21Al6Nb, 0Cr27Al7Mo2
3. Muffle material: SiC + SiN / calor
4 resistant steel. Mesh tape material: SUS310S, SUS314, SUS304
5. Process gas control: volume flow meter / mass, manual / automatic valve, imported brand / china
6. Operational Panel: simulation screen / touch / industrial
7 computer screen. PLC (Programmable Logic Control): OMRON / Siemens
8. Temperature controller: Shimaden / EUROTHERM
9. Thermocouple: Type C / Type K / Type N (coating tungsten / molybdenum coating / ceramic coating)
10. Recorder: No paper / paper, imported brand / brand china
11. Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens

Sintering Furnace Specifications
Specifications / ModelsMBSF-150 / 65-4MBSF-220 / 80-5MBSF-300 / 100-6MBSF-460 / 100-7MBSF-610 / 125-7
Belt Width (mm)150220300460610
Muffle height (mm)6580100100125
thermal zone 4 5677
Thermal zone length (mm)1500 + 36002600 + 36002600 + 60004600 + 60004600 + 6000
Maximum temperature (° C)11501150115011501150
Homogeneity of temperature (° C)± 5± 5± 5± 5± 5
Thermal power (kW)6090120250400
Process gas sintering furnace mesh beltNN2/ 3H2+ N2/ H2/ CH4NN2/ 3H2+ N2/ H2/ CH4NN2/ 3H2+ N2/ H2/ CH4NN2/ 3H2+ N2/ H2/ CH4NN2/ 3H2+ N2/ H2/ CH4
Gas consumption (m³ / h)610 fifteen twenty30
Total size L × W × H (mm)13500 × 1300 × 160015500 × 1400 × 170020000 × 1500 × 180023500 × 1700 × 190023500 × 1900 × 2000
The above specifications are defined according to the sintered ferrous workpiece. The above parameters can be adjusted to the process requirements, they are not standard acceptance, so the specific details must be declared in the agreements and technical proposals.
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