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Spherical Super Alloy Powder

Spherical Super Alloy Powder
3D Printing Material:  
Super spherical powder  K

Main products:
IN718 (GH4169), IN625 (GH3625), K403, K418, K465, FGH95, FGH96, etc.  

Specification of Spherical Alloy Metal Powder
Particle size range (μm)0 to 1515 to 4515 to 6060 to 120120 to 150
Particle size distribution (μm)D10: 3D10: 15D10: 17D10: 63D10: 122
D50: 8D50: 23D50: 27D50: 83D50: 131
D90: 13D90: 39D90: 52D90: 112D90: 143
Flow rate (S)≤18
Apparent density (g / cm3)≥4.89
Oxygen content (wt.%)0.002-0.01
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