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Reduce oven Revolving

Reduce oven Revolving
El rotary reduction furnace is mainly used for calcination processes salt and reducing metal oxide such as APT calcination, reduction of tungsten blue, etc.

 Technical characteristics
1. The rotary reduction furnace used rotary tube resulting in a very good fluidity polvo.
2. The type of load and intermittent discharge ensures good sealing performance and low gas consumption with recycling gas.
3. Is available fully automatic loading and unloading, which ensures stable product quality and lower trabajo.
4 force. The oven has operating functions to remote control, remote diagnostics and remote malfunction update functions programa.

 Optional settings Revolving Reduction Furnace
1. Refractory Material: aluminum silicate / alumina ceramic fiber / high alúmina
2 brick. Thermal Material: 0Cr21Al6Nb, 0Cr27Al7Mo2
3. Tube material: SUS304 / SUS310S / RA330 / RA600
4. Sealing type: sealing fill / seal graphite + metálico
5. Loading type: vacuum feeding / vibration feeding / manual feeding
6. Operating panel: simulation screen / touch / industrial
7 computer screen. PLC (Programmable Logic Control): OMRON / Siemens
8. Temperature controller: Shimaden / EUROTHERM
9. Thermocouple: Type C / Type S / Type N
10. Recorder: No paper / paper, foreign brand / brand china
11. Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens

Rotating Oven Specifications Reduction
Pipe diameter (mm)400 6 o'clock800
thermal zone 4 56
Thermal zone length (mm)560065008000
Maximum temperature (° C)105010501050
Uniformity temperature (° C)± 5± 5± 5
Thermal power (kW)140250360
Process gas rotary reduction furnaceAr / NAr / N2/ H2/ NH3Ar / NAr / N2/ H2/ NH3Ar / NAr / N2/ H2/ NH3
Total size L × W × H (mm)12000 × 4000 × 400014000 × 5000 × 450016500 × 5500 × 4500
Above specifications are defined according to the process of reducing tungsten powder. These specifications can be adjusted to the requirements of the processes are not standard acceptance, specific details will be established in the agreements and technical proposals.
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