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Titanium Base Alloy Powder

Titanium Base Alloy Powder
3D Printing Material:
Powder based on titanium and spherical titanium 

Titanium based alloy powder is used for 3D printing (laser / electron beam selective fusion forming), critical aerospace components, biomedical titanium alloy implant (surface treatment).  
Main Products:  
TA0, TA1, TA7, TA19, TC4, TC11, TC16, TC17, TC18, TC21, TiAI, etc. 

Specification of Titanium Alloy Powder and Spherical Titanium 
Particle size range (μm)0 to 1515 to 4515 to 6060 to 120120 to 150
Particle size distribution (μm)D10: 4D10: 15D10: 20D10: 64D10: 124
D50: 9D50: 34D50: 39D50: 82D50: 136
D90: 14D90: 48D90: 59D90: 117D90: 148
Flow rate (S)≤25
Apparent density (g / cm3)≥2.56
Oxygen content (wt.%)0.07-0.11
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