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Vacuum Impregnation Equipment

Vacuum Impregnation Equipment
These furnaces are classified into vacuum furnaces of low temperature impregnation and high temperature casting infiltration furnaces. The low temperature impregnation vacuum oven is generally used for C / C, SiC and components of impregnating materials such as pitch, resin and polycarbosilane. The high temperature cast iron infiltration furnace is mainly used for graphite, ceramic and infiltration materials components such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and high temperature alloys.

Technical characteristics
1. The vacuum impregnation oven has several safety options.
2. The safety ring is of hydraulic conduction with mechanical limit. 
3. The door opening is hydraulic, manual or automatic, which makes operation simple. 
4. Vacuum impregnation equipment has the options of one or two cameras. K
5. The vacuum impregnation plant works continuously to improve the efficiency of production. 

Optional Vacuum Impregnation Equipment Configuration
1. Heater: Ni-Cr; Fe-Cr-Al-Nb, Sic cylinder, Graphite; CFC.
2. gas control process: high pressure valve; Manual valve / automatic valve; Foreign brand / chinese brand
3. Vacuum pumps and pressure gauges: foreign brand / Chinese brand.
4. HMI: HMI: simulation screen / touch screen / personal industrial computer.
5. PLC: OMRON / Siemens.
6. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM.
7. Thermocouples: Type C / Type S / Type K / Type N
8. Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens.

Low Temperature Impregnation Vacuum Oven Specifications
Spec / ModelVPI-0608VPI-0812VPI-1015
Working area dimensions (D × H) (mm)Φ600 × 800Φ800 × 1200Φ1000 × 1500
Maximum temperature (° C)400400400
Maximum pressure  (MPa)555
Final vacuum  (Pa)fiftyfiftyfifty 

Specifications Of High Temperature Impregnation Vacuum Oven 
Spec / ModelVPI-0304VPI-0508VPI-0610VPI-00517
Working area dimensions (D × H) (mm)Φ300 × 400Φ500 × 800Φ600 × 1000Φ500 × 1700
Maximum temperature (° C)950/1400/2000950/1400/2000950/1400/20001400/2000
Maximum pressure  (MPa)9,8 / 16/209,8 / 16/209,8 / 16/2016/20
Final vacuum  (Pa)100100100100
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