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Vertical Vacuum Carbonization Oven

Vertical Vacuum Carbonization Oven
The vertical vacuum charring uses graphite as the heating compound with the carbon heating environment, whose maximum temperature reaches 1600 ° C. It is used for high temperature carbonization and cracking treatment of C / C composites, ceramic matrix composite material and carbon fiber insulation material. The tubular vertical carbonization furnace also adopts the entire hot metal zone without the heating carbon environment, whose maximum temperature is 1100 ℃. It is used for the sintering and deagglomeration of special materials in aerobic environment. K

Technical characteristics
1. The vacuum heat oven operates under vacuum at low temperature and ambient temperature, works under positive pressure under high temperature. 
2. It works in environment with oxygen with the product-proof product, also it can work in various types of gases and conditions. 
3. The larger furnaces will be designed with multiple temperature control zones in order to increase the homogeneity of the temperature. 
4. It is equipped with the external rapid cooling system in order to decrease the production cycle. 
5. Multiple waste gas treatment systems are used to handle tar, dust and gases. 
6. The vertical carbonizing furnace uses the metal heating element with a power supply of 380V. We also have the fully metal muffle of high temperature. 

Optional Configuration of the Vertical Vacuum Carbonization Oven
1. Oven Door: Hydraulic / mechanical lift, full / parallel opening (large door), Manual lock / automatic lock with locking collar. 
2. Oven vessel: All carbon steel / Fully stainless steel. 
3. Furnace heating zone: Refractory brick + Ceramic fiber 
4. Heating compound and muffle: Ni-Cr, Fe-Cr-Al, Fe-Cr-Al-Nb, Fe-Cr-Al-Mo 
5. Mufla: SUS304, SUS316L, SUS310S 
6. Gas processing system: Manual valve / automatic valve K
7. HMI: Simulation Screen / Touch Screen / Personal Computer  K
8. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): OMRON / Siemens K
9. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
10. Thermocouple: Type K, N, S 
11. Electrical components: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens K

Parameters of the Carbonization Oven Vertical Vacuum
Spec / ModelVVC-0608VVC-1015VVC-1620
Working area dimensions (D × H) (mm)Φ600 × 800Φ1000 × 1500Φ1600 × 2000
Maximum temperature (° C)100010001000
Uniform temperature (Cº)± 7.5± 10± 15
Final vacuum (Pa)fiftyfiftyfifty
Pressure increase range (Pa / h)222
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