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Vertical Vacuum Water Temple Oven

Vertical Vacuum Water Temple Oven
The vertical vacuum water quenching furnace is applied to titanium alloy solutions in the aerospace industry, such as TC4, TC16, Beryllium bronze in the elements of the elastic instruments. Precision alloy in aircraft sensors such as 3J1, 3J21 high elasticity alloy in Ni and base Co, 3J53 constant elastic alloy in Ni, stainless steel in the field of nuclear power as 17-4PH, 410.

Technical characteristics
1. The oven is of vertical structure and double chamber. The integral or divided structure is optional according to the situation of the local. 
2. Type of work load: pendant type or support type. 
3. The furnace crucible is designed through a modularized optimization with a good performance of temperature uniformity. 
4. The vacuum annealing furnace has extensibility, which improves the efficiency of the production. 
5. Comparing with the horizontal transmission hardening device, the hardening device forms the vertical material of the lifting carriage, which has the advantage that the transportation time is short. K
6. It is not necessary to remove the water vapor produced inside the thermal chamber and the vacuum pump system pollution to load other gases.
7. The vertical vacuum quenching furnace is equipped with the refrigeration circulation system with a high volume quench tank, which has a better quench effect.
8. Water vapor does not represent any pollution to the thermal chamber and pumps.

Optional Configuration of Vacuum Temple Oven
1. Vertical double chamber structure: integral type / type mobile thermal chamber / mobile water tank type
2. Furnace crucible: thermal elements of molybdenum and thermal insulation of metal.
3. Type quenched by agitation of water: stirring by blades / agitation by nozzles / both types.
4. Vacuum pump and caliber: foreign brand / high quality Chinese brand. 
5. PLC (Programmable Logic Control): OMRON / Siemens / Mitsubishi
6. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM / Honeywell
7. Thermocouple: Type S, K, N.
8. Recorder: Without paper / with paper
9. HMI: Simulation screen / touch screen.
10. Electrical components: High quality national brand / Schneider / Siemens

Specifications of Vertical Vacuum Water Temple Oven
Specifications / ModelsVVWQ-3030DVVOQ-4040DVVOQ-5050DVVOQ-6060DVVOQ-8060D
Effective size of the thermal zone Φ P × A (mm)Φ300 × 300Φ400 × 400Φ500 × 500Φ600 × 600Φ800 × 600
Load capacity (kg)fifty75120200300
Load capacity (kW)35607590120
Max. Temperature (° C)13501350135013501350
Uniformity of temperature (° C)± 5± 5± 5± 5± 5
Degree of vacuum of the vertical water quenching furnace (Pa)4 × 10-3/ 6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/ 6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/ 6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/ 6 × 10-4 4 × 10-3/ 6 × 10-4 
Rate of increase of pressure (Pa / h)≤0.26≤0.26≤0.26≤0.26≤0.26
Transportation Time (S)≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6
Carbonized mediumpurified waterpurified waterpurified waterpurified waterpurified water
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